Here is the story

About Dawning Light

Dawning Light is about a place to breathe.

We all get busy, way too busy, with life. Take care of business first. Work harder. Work longer. Some day we’ll catch up. Some day we’ll take time to play.

STOP. Breathe. Look at the world. From the Mist to the Dawn to the Light. It’s about opening the eyes, for real, and seeing the possibilities. Bring light and imagination into play for combinations, using composite production. I love the happy accidents and also, the challenge of creating a particular mood.

Most of the photos I use I have taken myself. Other photos are those used in training courses or stock purchases. Join me in having fun here

I will share any good training I have enjoyed and learned from. Google photo editing software for some freebies and low cost options, grab Photoshop for $9.99 a month. There is lots more to learn and many more possibilities for your artistic talents. I invite you to play with photos. Let your imagination fly!

split staircase rising over waterfall

Many Paths, Your Choice

I actually travel many paths in life, as my joy is diverse. Be sure to honor yourself in all your paths. Your Choice!

This photo was created over some time, as a number of different photos were integrated into the design to create the look and feel I wanted to portray.