Let’s Have Fun!

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Woman with hair flying snowy Mt Hood background

Whenever I go hiking, I like to take my camera. Trouble is…my camera makes me see texture, color, and hidden figures with the surrounding forest. Actually, the only “trouble” about this is that it takes a long time to get where I am going.

The beauty of all this is that I see what is around me. My camera stops me in my steps. It tells me to look closely at what the passing glimpse grabbed out of nature’s design. The mind sees characters superimposed into nature’s design.

Is there a smile in that stump or a dragon’s head and body wrapped around the stump? What tiny creatures are lurking under the leaves of those over-sized umbrella-like plants?

Healing Trauma

We all have a background of some unpleasant memories, some more than others. We all need healing tools. We choose our tool for the day to put a smile back on our faces, to help us feel better about who we are and proud of who we are becoming. Music, art, stories, creative pursuits of every kind, in our every day lives brings us through and out. It is important that we support each other.

We won’t be discussing our traumas. That, we have found out the hard way, is for therapists and support groups. Some people are not doing their healing work and don’t want to be reminded there are such traumatic incidents going on. Some people simply don’t understand. Others view us as stuck in our pain. Truth, our truth, is that we developed, as survivors, protective behaviors to cope and sometimes those no longer serve us well. Healing has to continue to grow and change paths as we are strong enough to do it.

As time goes on resources will be added to this website. Each blip in our path turns us in the right direction to feel better and be the best we can be.